Windows and Displays for stores
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Counter in form of a shark tail for the label
Uzzi, Uzzi, a swimsuit manufacturer  .
"Uzzi" booth
Waterfall in a Versace store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, details
Fitting room
Window frame, details
Wall panels produced from the molds of genuine auto parts.
Fitting room details
Belt display details
Window store, men "crossing" the window. This installation increased sales by 25%.
The perfect "Shoe Station"   
A capacity of 100 pairs of
stored shoes
PLUS  An attractive shoe
PLUS a chair and a mirror.
Space - less than 4 X 8 feet!
Window with movement, 6 shirts emerging from 6 store bags..
Window with movement,
with 2 mannequins
drinking coffee.
Urban Outfitters NYC, 2007, Details.
Window letters for "Nice Pizzeria"
Brooklyn, NY