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The purpose of this page is to gather enough signatures from American Citizens to convince
Senators to submit this into a new Bill for passage.
This Bill is to help
100 million honest American Citizens endure the pain, physical discomfort,
and also mental anguish at being blamed for their temporary physical condition for 43 years of their
life! Here I am talking about a women’s monthly period.
It is NOT an obligation for our society today, to recognize and appreciate the womb that gives birth
to our future generations?

Women should be compensated by our civilized society, the amount of their actual salary, or the
minimum wage (if there are not working yet) for 3 “off” days in order to give them the opportunity
to stay quiet at home and take care of  themselves.
This practice would not hurt society, but rather do quite the opposite.
It would prove to
America and the World that men are truly maturing and are taking responsibility
for the well-being of their “other half”.

Second, it also proves that by respecting the womb, we are enhancing fertility, improving the health
condition of our wives and girlfriends, and reducing any chance for accidents. (or slowing

compensating women to stay home, they can actually reduce symptoms much quicker and
therefore make their husband or boyfriends less likely to criticize.
By compensating women to stay home, we finally recognize that without the essential womb, we
could be instantly extinct, and we cannot any longer keep ignoring this important “machine”.  
Instead of ignoring it, and feeling embarrassed about it, we must stop treating this period like an
unclean condition.
Women are the ones who give birth,
NOT men.
A question to ask: What do you think man would have done - a long time ago - if HE had his
period? YES! We both know that he would have ALL the “sick days” paid, because of course men
need compensation, and in fact men rarely try to hide THEIR neediness.

Today is the day to make a drastic change.
From now on, All American Women are asking to get 3 paid days off.  Their actual salary will apply
(or the minimum wage for those not working yet), from age 18 to age 56. The payment will be
additional and not a replacement of her salary.  
Why only 18? Because before 18, you can not vote, therefore you have no voice with Legislators.
Is it fair? Not at all, but until we change this
World of MEN, we’ll be always in an unfair world.

Remember that for the past 5,000 years of Male Supremacy, women have the right to be
recognized as citizens in this world for less than 100 years only!!!!
(Special Thanks to those women who fought hard for all women to make this important change.)
Women will promise to stay home, working on as much relaxation as possible, and we encourage
them to spend this extra money on themselves in order to feel better.

How could it work?   Very easy.
Since ALL politicians work toward their next election, and rarely on their actual agenda, they are
thirsty for voters. In fact, they are ready to propose
ANY Bills that can guarantee their next
election. So:
Just fill out the form below, and it will be posted the next day on the site, showing how many
potential voters are willing to give their vote in exchange for the support of this new Bill into
Believe me, when that number reaches 100,000 signatures, any Senator will consider the Bill’s
potential as a very serious matter.
Men are like donkeys, they need a carrot in front of them in order to move.
Lets rock this world of Man, who already brought us to the edge of extinction.
Let’s show him that HE doesn’t know better than women. In fact, in less than 2 million years, we
have almost exhausted all resources of our mother-land :
EARTH  -  it’s in this condition because
HE has no clue how to drive this world, and has REFUSED to share the wheel with his other half.

Let us stop him before it’s too late. And the first step is to make Men respect this beautiful womb,
Magic door from which he emerged into this world.

Thank you for your support, Thank you for standing up for yourself. We recognize that you
continue to forgive men and still make beautiful babies!
Long life to Women.  
Long life to Earth.
And of course, long life to Men (because after all, women are still willing to share this world with
those who disrespected her for thousands of years)

All my Love and Deepest Respect,
Mr. Olivier Rabbath
In memory of my Mother, Grand mother and our Matriarchal system - totally forgotten.
1: Olivier Rabbath , 11217
2: Sandrine Valentine, 11217
3: Karen Nelson, 10021
4: Rachelle Rochelle, 11201
5: Grace Adoo, 10011
6: Zbigniew Borowicz, G1V 3N6
7: Laure Leduc, 75012 Paris
8: Suhail Smith, 18045

9: Samatha Bitte, 22827