* March 22, born at 9:30 am 9 Boulevard Arago in Paris 13, France.

    * September entered School Rue Victor Cousin Paris 5, two blocks from the Sorbonne.

    *  Chaotic year, full of inspiration from students and workers who were rioting.

    * First year in a Jesuit boarding school. A nightmare year that taught me about control within a religious institution.

    1971 / 1973
    * 3 years in a laic boarding school: “Le college de L’Andelle” a gorgeous place with 80 acres of wood, tennis court, horse riding, 3 years of dreams
    and studies, helping me repair the damage of the Jesuit school.

    1974 / 1977
    * 3 years of public boarding school: “Lycee de Rambouillet”. A huge school  containing 3,000 students with very good teachers.
    *First compositions for piano: "Balade" 1974, “Lebanon”74, “Intrigue” 74, “Drunk” 75, “Automne” 75, “Berceuse” 75, “Spring” 76, “Winter”76,
    Paris je t’Aime” 76, “Piano Poeme no 1” 77, "Sur les Quais de la Seine" 77.

    * Study trip to North India, “Kashmir” and Ladakh” for 9 months, based on the relation between religion (Muslims and Buddhists) and the
    environment (small mountains, and Himalayas).  Drawings on rice paper, oil paintings on canvas.
    * Compositions for piano: “for Stravinsky” 78, “Jardin du Luxembourg” 78, “Guitar Poeme no 1” 79, “Guitar Poeme no 2” 79, “Annoying Crazy
    Bees” 79, “Piano Poeme  no 2” 79, “Piano Poeme no 3” 79, “Horses” 80, “Rue d’Avron” 80, “Mamie” 81.
    * Passed the concur entrance at the art school: Auguste Renoir in Paris, France, and got my diploma (BTS) of Arts Appliqués Option Graphic
    * Cartoonist in the newspaper: “Don Quichotte”, the “Journopolitain”,  “Sexpol”, and “5eme Derniere”.
    * Graphic designer for the association “ACT”  (Association Combat Transport).

    * Entered the Art school: “Les Beaux Arts de Versailles”, then their location in Paris.  Studied mainly oil painting techniques.
    * Creation of the book “The Hunchback” with the text and the 14 black and white drawings.
    * Publication of the method of piano: “The Agrexandrins” in collaboration of Mr Alain Louvier and his wife, in 2 volumes edited by Alphonse
    * Publication of the CD for kids: “Caroline Chante” with Mrs. Claude Moutier l’Epeingle, edited by Alphonse Leduc.
    * Cartoonist for the magazine, “Intersocial”, and “Passeport International”.
    * Exhibition of painting at the MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la culture) in the 5eme area of Paris.
    * Exhibition of painting in the garden “Les Tuileries” and “Le Jardin du Luxembourg”.
    * Compositions for Piano: “Souvenir de Bretagne” 82, “Dancing with the Wind” 82, “Nawal” 84.

    *  Worked as Fashion Designer for the company, “Creations Contemporaines”.
    * Creation of the label, “Le petit Diable”, feminine ready to wear.
    * Opened the first Boutique of fashion under the name: “Illusion” rue de lagny Paris 20.
    * First public recital at the “Cortot Theater” for piano, 1987.
    * Creation of the book "Momo the Eskimo" made with human hair and color ink.

    *  Worked as Fashion designer for the company: “Design Int’l Production”.
    * Created the label: “Illusion”, a unisex ready to wear based on 32 combinations, 4 colors and 8 motifs, printed on black sweater, jersey, or elastic
    * Introduction of the first shoe collection for men and women under the label, ”Your shoe”.
    * Admitted as “Jeune Talents” (Young talents) in the “Groupe des Halles, at the “Salon du prêt a Porter Feminin" in Paris.
    * First shoe show in New York City: the FANNY, sponsored by “La Federation Francaise de la Chaussure”.
    * Opened a second boutique of fashion, under the name: “Les Templiers” rue Quincampoix Paris 3.
    * Organized a fashion exhibition at “Centre George Pompidou”, sponsored by the “Federation du prêt a Porter Feminin”, Mr. Jean Pierre Joly.

    * Exhibition of fashion (Shoes and Boots”), organized by the city of Paris, under the theme of ” Les Métiers d’Art de Paris”.
    * Moved my shoe factory to Miami, Florida, USA.

    *  Developed the shoe line: “Your Shoe”, with management of production in Leon, GTO, Mexico.

    *  Worked on marketing, by developing mail orders in different Magazines (Details mag, Premiere, and Paper mag.)

    * Creation of a shoe line for women and children.
    * Painting and development of a new approach to oil painting - a technique based on  “Hand as Brushes”. 7 studies on “nano” dimension.
    * Composition for double bass “Flowing” 1997 performed by 60 double bassists during the annual Bassist Workshop in Washington DC.

    *  Closure of the Florida shoe factory, due to the lost of my partner.

    * Development and production of molding, used as decoration for fashion stores and private homes in Florida.
    * Compositions for piano: “Fog” 2003, “Tourment” 2003, “Enfance” 2003.

    *  Moved to New York City and continued to develop the decoration skill for restaurants and private homes.
    * Composition for Piano: “Valse pour mon Pere” 2004, “BigBang” 2005, “Birth” 2004, “3 photons” 2004, “Marche Funebre” 2006.
    * Worked as a cartoonist for the Chinese magazine: “Coastide”.
    * Cartoon animation, The Busybus Cartoon, was commissioned by a company  that provides the service of small bus transport.
    * Composed music for a feature: “The Corn Starch Gizmo”, directed by Astro Saladino.
    * Designed the DVD cover for “The Corn Starch Gizmo”.
    * Created 3 cartoon animations for “Gizmo”, as well and the logo for another movie, “The Creative Conspiracy”.
    * Invented and patented a system of suspending musical instruments within a carbon fiber travel case, under the label, “The Rabbath’Case
    * Started production of this new trunk for the double bass.
    * Participated in the annual conference, the “International Society of Bassist”, Oklahoma, June 2007, where new case was featured.
    * Composed 3 scores for double bass and piano.
    * Developed a “movements in window dressing” technique, a new concept to attract customers, such as a mannequin crossing the window,
    clothing in movement, etc.

    * Decorated Cubana Cafe Flatbush Ave
    * Decorated Cafe Fiat, Broom street, Manhattan, NYC
    * Manufacture model architectural for an hotel on Broom street: Bed and Breakfast, NYC.
    * Established the corporation: Olivier Rabbath Associates, Inc.
    * Organization of ORA, Olivier Rabbath Associates, a Graduate support system
    * Built and Opened my first NY School: How to Make Boots From Your "Garage", in Brooklyn (Cobble Hill), NY
    * Invented, and posted online (free of any charge), a small, light machine, key to boot manufacturing.

    *Selected Artist by THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION and exhibit my Footwear collection at the SMITHSONIAN CRAFT SHOW in Washington DC
    *Solicited by  PARSON The New School of Fashion in NYC to teach Shoe Construction at their facility (NYC)
    *Published the first Volume of my book  "How to make boots from your garage" a 230 photographs taking the reader through each step of the shoemaking
    *Welcoming my first child  named GAIA, a beautiful baby girl that changed my life forever.
    *Improving the RABBATH CASE with its suspending system, making it lighter and cheaper.
    *Opening the website FOOTWEAR PROTOTYPE, exclusively for prototypes and consultation.
    *First Collection of SNEAKERS with an upper in 100% pure premium cow leather

    *Moved my School How to make boots from your garage to West Harlem, having taught nearly 500 Students at the Brooklyn location- without one failure.
    *Currently producing Footwear Prototypes for companies all over the World.
    *Improving the process of making Cases in Carbon Fiber with my Suspending system without using mold, which allow me to develop it for all musical instruments
    *Teaching Footwear from my West Harlem Studio.

Development of The Concept "XTRACTION" New Painting Technique
       * Produced over
100 Xtractions (40" X 60", oil paint on Canvas) Exclusively about The City of New York.
       * Development of the Website : NewYorkCityFootprinting.com
       * Invention of a New Particulate Respirator in answered to the Corona Virus
       * Patented "
You Are Clear" Respirator (multi functions)
       * Introduction of the website :
       * New Composition for Piano in remembrance of the Corona Virus' Victims, (illustrated by the last goodbye from daughter to father through an hospital window).
       * Introduction of a new Men/Women/Children Loafer Shoes collection (no Heels, No Toe Box, based on softness, lightness and comfort)
       * Development of the Website :

    Works in process:
    *updating all the 7 websites of mine....(way too old)
    *Finishing the publication of the Book "The Hunchback" (on sale for Christmas 2021)
    *Finishing the Guitar Cases with suspending system, ready for Christmas 2021.
    So much to do, so little time......

    CONTACT:   Olivier Rabbath

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